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Since the chatan and kallah (groom and bride) are compared to king and queen on their betrothal day, the original jewel-toned ketubah was developed for a couple whose wish list included a modern theme with a crown. This, our standard version of the multi-colored crown, was actually developed after the custom ketubah was completed. Our crown sits atop the Hebrew "Ani L'dodi" and we've made the custom version available to you as well. These Crown of Jewels Ketubot are a unique blend of modern and ancient themes. Click on the Next button above to see Custom Crown of Jewels 

 Crown of Jewels #600 and 601
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Paper size: 22"Wx 26"H
Available in different sizes.
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Available texts for this ketubah:

   Anniversary English and Hebrew or
                           English with Hebrew heading

English and Aramaic w Lieberman Clause
English and Hebrew or
                     English with Hebrew heading

   Orthodox English and traditional Aramaic
English and Hebrew
Toronto Reform English and Hebrew

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