About us

Having gotten my formal training as an artist, I worked in the graphics field for most of my career. Because I grew up in Israel, I've always leaned towards creating Judaic art and since my husband and I moved to the beautiful coastal city of Savannah, GA, I've been creating ketubot (plural of ketuba, ketubah) and recently expanded into other new and exciting works. 

All our works are original creations. Inspiration comes almost on a daily basis and it can come from anywhere. I was looking through the daily newspaper one morning and a wonderful idea came to me. I walk through my garden on a regular basis and just viewing the current flowering plants can spark a new design. Once the idea has gelled, creating the actual art may take a month to develop and at other times the muse hits and its almost immediate. Either way, the artwork goes through a rigorous procedure before it becomes an official option on our site.

Creating new and exciting material is an ongoing endeavor here. Our designs and artwork have been received with welcome and fanfare. We've therefore expanded our available product lines to include Ketubah Surround, Newborn announcements and stationery, and themed NoteCards for all the special people in your life. Take a look around. We're sure you'll find something you'll love. Custom note cards
are available as well. if you have a favorite photo, we can make it into a note card that will be
yours and yours alone.

Please contact us at info@rochellefrank.com
or call us at 1-912-598-2179 to discuss your wishes.




5 Stone Hewer Lane
Savannah, GA 31411





No part of this site nor any part of the ketubot, including individual ketubah text
(excluding public domain text), may be copied or reproduced without express written permission of
Rochelle Frank or RochelleFrank Designs. 
Offenders will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.